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April 2002

Queensland Committee Established

Seven people attended the inaugural meeting of the Queensland Committee representing Queensland State Government, the Australian Computer Society, the Pearcey Foundation and private industry.

May 2002

South Australian Chairperson Appointed by National Pearcey Committee

The Pearcey Foundation is pleased to accept Brenda Aynsley as the Chairperson for the South Australian Pearcey Committee.

Sept 2002

Bill Caelli wins 2002 Pearcey Medal

The Pearcey Foundation congratulates Professor Bill Caelli on being awarded to 2002 National Pearcey Medal. More Info.

2002 Pearcey Foundation Colloquium

This event was a neutral and discreet forum in which people in Government, Industry and other key areas exchanged ideas and canvased new and innovative approaches in an informal and non-political environment.

The structure enabled opinions and concerns to be openly exchanged and discussed, outside the framework of official or policy positions, with the aim to develop a broad consensus on the ITT future, identifying aspects of that ITT future about which there were divergent opinions.

Invited delegates participated in focus workshops, with facilitation and leadership from acknowledged leaders. Each workshop promoted open discussion leading to a communiqué on each theme. Participation in the Colloquium is by invitation only.

Focus Workshops Included:

o Improving our balance of trade and maximising our exports
o Improving research and development and maximising commercialisation
o Improving investment and capital base and maximising sustainability
o Improving ITT utilisation and maximising benefits to the Australian economy

The 2002 Pearcey Foundation Colloquium Findings(PDF, 45 KB) were reported back to the full assembly.

Dec 2002

Queensland Government Sponsors Medal

The Queensland Government's Department of Innovation and Information Economy has recently confirmed its sponsorship of the 2003 National Pearcey Medal.

This commitment comes after the Queensland Minister for Innovation and Information Technology, Hon. Paul Lucas, accepted an invitation to become the honorary Queensland Patron for the Pearcey Foundation.

The Minister was delighted with the establishment of the Pearcey Foundation in Queensland saying it would "complement government initiatives aimed at increasing availability of skills in this (ICT) area".


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