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Judging Criteria Responses

AwardWhich State Entrepreneur Award is being nominated for?
SummaryAn overview of why the candidate is outstanding e.g. highly successful entrepreneur, a leader in some industry, etc. Usually the nominator will give some background into how they know the candidate and give some special insights into their career and personality.
RiskA measure of the way the candidate has crusaded a new business and/or technology, particularly in their own venture. The idea is that the winner has gone out on a limb to achieve things, rather than achieving things as part of their normal job. Often this is a founder ofa business who has had a vision and driven it through to fruition.
DifferenceA measure of how the candidate has made a commercial success and impact in our ICT industry. The idea is that the winner needs to be more than just successful, their success should also have a measurable/notable impact in the industry. Usually their achievements are recognised on the world stage in their chosen industry or niche area.
InspirationA measure of the type of person that the candidate is, especially as a role model for younger ICT aspirers. Often the winner has many other interests, such as mentoring, involvement in the community and/or social enterprises or as a vocal advocate for some cause.