One of the world's first stored program digital computers and the first computer to play music.


CSIRAC was the first computer in an Australian University and the first in Victoria. It provided a computing service to scientists, engineers and the Melbourne business community until 1964.

CSIRAC still exists intact and is on display at Museum Victoria: CSIRAC, making it the oldest surviving electronic computer in the world.

An excellent book about CSIRAC is Last Of The First, by Doug McCann and Peter Thorne. This book provides a comprehensive overview of CSIRAC, published by the University of Melbourne, and available free as a PDF (4.9 MB).


Dec 23, 2021

CSIRAC - Among the First Electronic Stored Program Computers

In historical terms, CSIR Mk1/CSIRAC was one of the first stored program, electronic, computers.

Prior to 1948 various electromechanical machines (non-electronic computers) were built in USA and Germany. Early electronic, but not stored program machines, were ENIAC (USA) and numerous Colossuses (Colossi?) at Bletchley Park (UK).

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Jun 15, 2021

CSIRAC: How to name your computer

On June 14, 1956 the computer CSIRAC was officially recommissioned at the new Computation Laboratory at the University of Melbourne.

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Feb 21, 2012

PR2012: CSIRO ICT Executives reconnect with CSIRAC – Australia’s first electronic digital computer

Press Release 21 February 2012 – Melbourne, Australia: The new world of computer science met the old in late January when senior executives from CSIRO’s ICT Centre paid a visit to CSIRAC. “I first saw CSIRAC when I was in Melbourne on holiday recently,” said ICT Centre Director Dr Ian Oppermann. “I was truly inspired by its complexity and power and hoped it would similarly move my colleagues so I wrote an excursion to the museum into our meeting schedule.”

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