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Jul 19, 2021

Who came to the first computer conference?

In August 1951, a group of scientists gathered at the University of Sydney to attend the first Australian conference on automatic computing machines.

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Jul 6, 2021

The beginning of a new science in Australia

In 1951 there was a major conference held at the University of Sydney which marked the beginning of a new science in Australia, Computer Science.

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Jun 15, 2021

CSIRAC: How to name your computer

On June 14, 1956 the computer CSIRAC was officially recommissioned at the new Computation Laboratory at the University of Melbourne.

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Apr 8, 2021

The media takes a ride on the digital superhighway

The recent publication of A Vision Splendid – The History of Australian Computing is a timely reminder of the seventy years or so Australia has been involved in the digital revolution.

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Oct 12, 2020

A letter to my younger self, Helen Vorrath

So you’ve decided to become an IT professional when you grow up? Good choice! You’ve already discovered the satisfaction of getting a program to work – that will continue to excite you for the rest of your life. You’ll also find that debugging the things that don’t work is equally rewarding.

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Oct 12, 2020

A letter to my younger self, Ann Moffatt

This is an extract from Ann Moffatt’s book, The IT Girl, which is to be published in November 2020.

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Sep 24, 2020

A legacy of computing excellence – Jan Kornweibel

From the start she thrived on this new technology that used abstract logic, and still relishes looking back at those early,
adventurous days with all card systems and low-level programming languages.

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Sep 22, 2020

The rise and fall of semiconductor manufacturing in Australia

Following the invention and development of the transistor in the late1940’s in the USA, the CSIRO began research into semiconductors.

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