2019 National Pearcey Awards

CSIRAC 70th Anniversary and 2019 Pearcey Awards

Following on from our centenary celebration of the life of Dr Pearcey, we invited past, present and future leaders from academia and industry in celebrating the 70th Anniversary of CSIRAC: Australia's first computer and the world's fourth.

Trevor Pearcey paved the way for the birth of computer science in Australia. This celebratory event was a chance to honour Pearcey's legacy and catch a glimpse of what the future holds for Australian innovation, as we toast to the spirit of entrepreneurship, collaboration and leadership. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the commissioning of CSIRAC at the Radiophysics Division of CSIRO.

The 2019 national awards were held in the evening and were presented to:

These November 2019 events were held in Melbourne on 14th November at the University of Melbourne thanks to the support of the School of Computing Information Systems in the Faculty of Engineering.

We are delighted to have CSIRO sponsor these events as they have done for the last 20 years.

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