Australia 3.0

Australia 3.0 leveraged the collective wisdom of a grouping of some of Australia's leading Technology and Innovation thinkers and most experienced professionals to develop insight into the pivotal issues that will impact Australia's ability to succeed in the global digital economy.

In 2023 we move on to Australia 4.0 ... more news to come soon!!


Australia 3.0 has been one of the Industry's peak thought leadership events hosted by the Pearcey Foundation, the Australian Computer Society (ACS), CSIRO, Data 61, and various departments within the State and Federal Governments.

Since its first event in 2012, Australia 3.0 has focussed on areas where ICT can have a major impact in the national economy, and has most recently been running separate streams on: Mining, Infrastructure, Health and Government Services. As well Australia 3.0 seeks to collaborate with other industry associations and groupings in these four stream to ensure diversified views and opinions are canvassed and embraced.

A3.0 Streams

The Australia 3.0 streams cover major industry areas in which innovative use of digital technology can improve our nation's competitiveness. Currently, there are four streams:

  • Infrastructure - Tackling real problems using data to help resolve burning issues in transport and other infrastructure, how we better run our cities and to help us invent the services of the future;
  • Health - what happens if the patient is in charge? Inspiring innovative stakeholders to develop a Health Innovation Hub that can create sustainable new ways in delivering healthcare;
  • Government Services - Identifying sustainable new approaches to public service innovation through a Government Services Innovation Hub connecting digital, data and democracy;
  • Mining - Recognising new approaches to improving mining productivity and sustainability outcomes post the recent 'mining boom';

A3.0 Aims

Australia 3.0's proposition is to catalyse ideas from the latest thinking about how ICT can help address Australia's critical national challenges. Digital technologies are the horizontal enabling factor that underpins most, if not all, elements of achieving higher productivity in our national economy. Shifts to open data and calls for inclusive development challenge us to deliver bold solutions for Australia's future prosperity.

Currently, the focus in Australia 3.0 is on developing new innovative ideas to harnesses technology to help industries adapt to global competition. Working with industry leaders to identify real challenges, we will catalyse ideas and create collaborative action to transform our economy to meet future needs.

For Australia to maintain its global competitiveness, and thereby create the high-value jobs of the future for its people, it must be a leader in the creation, nurturing and adoption of innovation of high productivity solutions to key economic, societal and environmental challenges.

Across all sectors, jobs will need the right skills for the information age. Harnessing our national characteristics to sustain and improve our standard of living will necessarily involve exploiting new technologies.

The Australia 3.0 process aims to play a significant part in the ecosystem looking to ensure that we take advantage of the step change that is required to prosper in the 21st century.

For a summary of Australia 3.0 events, please see Forums and Roundtables.