Australia 4.0 - Session # 6 - Critical Digital Technologies


The challenges and opportunities of a digital and data enabled transformation of the electricity sector to Australia Net Zero

The new grid will take on many similarities to a truly distributed communications network. Clearly, the ICT community is to be encouraged to embrace this transformation and rapidly asses the challenges and opportunities this will raise. Working in an environment where electricity distribution has been occurring on a vast scale, for more than a century will raise a certain degree of fear uncertainty and doubt, for the incumbent players. They will have to deal with these transformational challenges - our speakers will attempt to outline some of those challenges!

Who Should Attend: This is an event for anyone with a vested interest in the transformation of the electricity system to Net Zero. You could be in the energy sector or the ICT sector; you might be in a management, technology, strategy, advisory, or policy role; you are in a large corporate, or a private business; you are an industry or academic researcher, or a government policy and/or strategy leader.

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