PR2010: Call for Nominations for the 2010 Pearcey Young Achievers awards

Melbourne 22nd July 2010: Each year the Pearcey Foundation presents prestigious awards in each Australian State and Territory to an outstanding younger ICT professional who has ‘run a risk and made a difference’ in any segment of the Australian economy where ICT plays a significant role. The Foundation is now calling for nominations for these awards to be presented at individual ceremonies in each state later this year.

Full details on how to nominate are shown on the Pearcey Foundation website Nominations.

This year’s awards are being held as follows:

The Pearcey Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to articulating and advancing the vital role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in ensuring Australia’s sustained prosperity. The Pearcey Foundation recognises innovation and contributions in ICT through national and state awards and runs regular public events and debates on critical national issues such as productivity, the digital economy and technology-related public policy.

The Foundation is named after Dr Trevor Pearcey, the architect and pioneer of the world's fourth digital computer, created in Sydney in 1949/50 and now preserved in the Museum of Melbourne. This typifies Australia's heritage of innovation involving ICT in what has become a most exciting and pervasive global industry recently reinforced by CSIRO’s breakthrough WiFi chip technology.

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