Elevating Australian Innovation

National Awards

Each year the Pearcey Foundation makes awards to outstanding individuals. The awards and previous winners of each award are listed in subsections below. Nominations can be received at any time.

There are three main categories of awards:

These awards are presented at special events recognised in the ICT industry as "good news" occasions and attended by the most influential decision makers in the industry. These events are generously supported by sponsors and new sponsors are always welcome!

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Pearcey Medals for Lifetime Achievement

The Pearcey Medal is a prestigious annual award that recognizes a distinguished lifetime achievement and contribution to the development and growth of the ICT professions, research and industry in Australia. »» Read more...

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Pearcey Hall of Fame

The Pearcey Hall of Fame adds up to three individuals each year, who have made very significant lifetime contributions into one or more of Australia's ICT Research, Industry, or Professional development. The Pearcey Medalists are automatically included. »» Read more...

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Benson Entrepreneur Awards

The Benson Entrepreneur Award (formerly known as the Pearcey National Award for young entrepreneurs) is "winner of winners" annual award selected from a previous year's state Pearcey award winners. Sponsored by CSIRO, this award recognises a mid-career ICT entrepreneur who has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian ICT industry. »» Read more...

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National Pearcey Media Awards for Journalistic Excellence

The Pearcey Media Award is given to the journalist of the year, for consistent quality IT journalism that helps to promote Australia's IT capability and record. »» Read more...

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The Pearcey Foundation accepts nominations all year round for any of its awards. We encourage you to get in early and apply or nominate someone you know who has made a significant contribution to their industry. You may download a Nomination Form or Contact Us directly. »» Read more...