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Each year the Pearcey Foundation, in conjunction with iAwards, makes awards to outstanding individuals. The awards and previous winners of each award are listed below. Nominations can be received at any time.

There are two main categories of awards:

Lifetime Achievement and Contribution
  • The Pearcey Hall of Fame adds up to three individuals each year, who have made very significant lifetime contributions into one or more of Australia's ICT Research, Industry, or Professional development.
  • One of the nominated individuals is awarded the Trevor Pearcey Medal. This prestigious annual award recognizes one individual in a particular who has demonstrated distinguished lifetime achievement and contribution to the development and growth of the ICT professions, research and industry in Australia.
Mid Career Achievement and Contribution
  • The State Pearcey Entrepreneurs Awards are aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT profession. It is awarded to an individual during their career who have "taken a risk, made a difference and is an inspiration" within the ICT industry within each Australian State.
  • The Benson Entrepreneur Award (formerly known as the Pearcey National Award for young entrepreneurs) is an annual award selected from a previous year's state award winners. The travel for each state winner to the National Medal Event for the overall Benson Entrepreneur Award winner is sponsored by CSIRO. The finalists will be selected from previous State Award winners, one from each state. In identifying outstanding individuals worthy of this award, the Pearcey Foundation is embracing all aspects of the ICT industry from traditional Information Science to the latest technological advances in social networking, multi-media, games technologies and the like - the very broadest spectrum of our innovative sector.

These awards are presented at special events recognised in the ICT industry as "good news" occasions and attended by the most influential decision makers in the industry. These events are generously supported by sponsors and new sponsors are always welcome!

Pearcey Medal and Pearcey Hall of Fame

For Lifetime Achievement and Contribution to the Australian ICT industry.

Pearcey Medal for Lifetime Achievement

Pearcey Hall of Fame

Benson Entrepreneur Award and Pearcey Hall of Distinction

For Mid Career Achievement and Contribution to the Australian ICT industry.

Benson Entrepreneur Award

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

  • 2014 NSW Award - Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner, and Tim Power
  • 2013 NSW Award - Simon Clausen & Naomi Simson
  • 2012 NSW Award - Mitch Harper and Eddie Machaalani, and Jo Burston
    • Highly commended: Aidan and David Tudehope, Alex Brooks, Tobias Kaupp, and Alex Makarenko, Bardia Housman, Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards, Dave Stevens, Luke Janssen & Oliver Palmer, Nick Holmes a Court, Niki Scevak, Robert Yearsley
  • 2011 NSW Award - Simon Poole and Steve Frisken
    • Highly commended: Colin Fabig, Dean McEvoy, Hamish Petrie, Jason Ashton, John Allsopp & Maxine Sherrin, Karaline Loiterton, Nikki Durkin, Ori Allon
  • 2010 NSW Award - Jens and Lars Rasmussen
    • Highly commended: Christopher Mapp, Geoff McQueen, James Spenceley, Joseph Renzi, Liesl Capper, Mick Liubinskas & Phil Morle, Rob Manson & Alex Young
  • 2009 NSW Award - Ian Gardiner
    • Highly commended: Elias Bizannes,Scott-Bradley Pearce, Robert Castaneda, Tarik Hammadou, Bart Jellema and Kim Chen, Ryan Junee, Robi Karp, Ben Keighran, Aidan Williams, Jonathon Wolfe, Anthony Woodward
  • 2008 NSW Award - Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes
  • 2007 NSW Award - Jeff and Pia Waugh
  • 2006 NSW Award - Matt Barrie
    • Highly commended: Steven Hasani, Eric Heyde, Tony Bailey
  • 2005 NSW Award - James Dalziel
    • Highly commended: Silvia Pfeiffer
  • 2004 NSW Award - Dr. Hugh Durrant-Whyte
  • 2003 NSW Award - Ted Dunstone
    • Highly commended: Matthew Henderson
  • 2002 NSW Award - Alex Hartman
  • 2001 NSW Award - Derek Renouf
  • 2000 NSW Award - Clinton Paddison
  • 1999 NSW Award - Scott Gazzard


South Australia



National Pearcey Media Award for Journalistic Excellence