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About the Pearcey Foundation

The Pearcey Foundation Inc. was established in 1998 to raise the profile of the Australian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry and profession. It was created in the memory of one of the greatest pioneers of the Australian ICT industry, Dr Trevor Pearcey. By celebrating the heroes in our industry, past present and future, the Foundation is looking to attract and encourage young Australians into this most exciting of global high technology sectors of our nation.


The Pearcey Foundation aims to make Australians proudly aware of the achievements of Australia's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries and of the work of the many Australians, young and old, who have made those achievements possible. Appropriately, the Foundation is named after Dr Trevor Pearcey, the architect and pioneer of the world's fourth digital computer, created in Sydney in 1949/50 and now preserved in the Museum of Melbourne. Only a few industry veterans now know about this significant achievement. This typifies the neglect of Australia's heritage of innovation in what has become the most exciting and pervasive industry ever seen.


The Pearcey Foundation is an Incorporated Association (VIC A0045525F) established by industry personnel to promote a stronger debate around the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Australian society and the economy. The Pearcey Foundation is not an industry association, it is a “not for profit foundation” promoting an objective, independent debate of issues and opportunities. It does not engage in lobbying or consulting work, and “company” membership is not available thus ensuring it remains truly independent. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers through small groups in each state and a National Executive Committee consisting of the following members: Chair: Wayne Fitzsimmons, Len Rust, Dr Peter Thorne, Dr Phil McCrea, Rick Harvey, Charles Lindop, Dr Dean Economou and Kelly Hutchinson.

The Pearcey Awards

Each year, the Foundation awards the Pearcey Medal to an Australian whose achievements in the ICT industries has been recognised by their peers as truly outstanding. The Foundation's state committees also make awards to a young ICT professional in each state who has demonstrated outstanding professional, innovative and business achievements in the field of ICT. The Pearcey Foundation works closely with the Australian Computer Society (ACS)and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) to hold iAwards events in each state and the National iAwards each year with the support of our Federal and State Governments, as it seeks opportunities to raise the profile of the ICT industries, of the Foundation and of the recipients of its awards.

Getting Involved

We welcome your interest and support in this important work. We need to feel good about our Australian achievements and capability if we are to make the most of ICT in a personal and national framework. This applies in the world of technology just as it does in the world of sport. You can help by nominating high achieving individuals for the Pearcey Medal or a Pearcey Award. You can also volunteer your own ideas and initiatives that can support the Foundation's aims and perhaps collaborate with the Foundation in its promotional efforts. And of course, donations to the Foundation are more than welcome and widely acknowledged. The various state committees and national executive committee are always looking for volunteers to support our events and our various initiatives. Please don't hesitate to contact us via the email address below if you wish to help in any way.


Contact the Foundation

The Pearcey Foundation Inc.
Level 1, 159 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

  • Ph: +613 8646 3883
  • Fax: +613 8646 3899
  • Email: admin@pearcey.org.au

Pearcey Personnel

National Office

  • Chairman: Wayne Fitzsimmons
  • Emeritus Chair: Ian Dennis
  • Len Rust, Charles Lindop, Dr Phil McCrea, Dr Dean Economou
  • Dr Peter Thorne, Rick Harvey, Kelly Hutchinson

State Offices

  • NSW Chair: Charles Lindop, Dr Phil McCrae
  • VIC Chair: Dr Peter Thorne, Rick Harvey
  • QLD Chair: David Merson and Peter Ward
  • SA Chair: Brenda Aynsley
  • TAS Chair: Steve Cambridge and Ray Leonard
  • ACT Chair: Brand Hoff

Honorary Patrons

National Patrons

  • Sen. Stephen Conroy
  • Sen. Helen Coonan
  • Sen. Kate Lundy
  • Hon. John Howard
  • Hon. Richard Alston

State Patrons

  • Hon. John Brumby
  • Hon. Tim Holding
  • Hon. Marsha Thomson
  • Hon. Andrew Stoner
  • Hon. Tony McGrady
  • Hon. Paul Lucas
  • Hon. Chris Cummins
  • Hon Jay Weatherill
  • Hon Karleen Maywald
  • Hon. Trish White
  • Hon. Dr Jane Lomax-Smith
  • Hon. Lara Giddings
  • Hon. Paul Henderson
  • Hon. Elliot McAdam
  • Hon. Jon Stanhope